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Family Pets

A Labradoodle puppy makes the perfect family pet.  On our website, we've posted many reasons why you would want to own a Multi-Generation Labradoodle (See "All About Labradoodles").  The reasons listed are just the beginning of all the wonderful traits of these extraordinary dogs. 

Among the most important qualities offered by Multi-Generation Labradoodles is the fact that, in addition to being extremely loving, friendly and intelligent, they are allergy-friendly and don't shed like most other breeds although they do lose some hair just like people do.

Labradoodles come in three officially recognized sizes which means that there is a Labradoodle for every family and every size home.  Standard Labradoodles are between 21 and 25 inches and weigh between 50 and 80 + pounds.  Medium Labradoodies are between 17 and 2O inches and weigh between 30 and 49 pounds, and Miniature Labradoodles are up to 16 inches and weigh up to 30 pounds.  Blue Star Labradoodles specializes in the Miniature and Medium size Multi-Generation Labradoodle ranging from 25 to 45 pounds.

Labradoodles as Companions

Having a Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodle in your life is a therapeutic experience.  It's like therapy just petting them!  They are incredibly loving and friendly.  They not only make great family pets but also make terrific companions for seniors, singles, and anyone else seeking the unconditional love of a wonderful new friend.


Blue Star Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodles are socialized from the very start so they are used to being around people, noise, and they love receiving attention.  Best of all, they are gentle playmates making them a great match for families with children.  The children and puppy will grow together.  In such cases, it is not unusual for the Australian Labradoodle to be seen as a treasured and cherished member of the family.



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