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About Us

Australian Labradoodle Breeder

Blue Star Labradoodles is owned by Carol A. Stover.  I am a small home based breeder of Miniature and Medium sized Australian Multi-Generation Labradoodles.  I am fortunate to have 3 incredible children who are now all grown with families of their own so I have been an Empty Nester for many years.  During the children's growing up years,  we had Poodles due to my son’s severe allergies to dogs and cats.  We found them to be very loving, extremely smart and I loved that they were allergy friendly and did not shed.

After the Children Were Gone:  For many years I did not have any pets but one day I decided that I was missing a valuable part of my life and that it was time to consider adding a dog to our family.   My daughter, Krystan, came over and caught me searching the internet looking at all kinds of puppies.  She asked me what type of dog I was looking for.  I told her that I loved Labs because of their pleasant easy-going nature and that I also loved Poodles because they don’t shed, are great for people with allergies, and are incredibly smart. Krystan then suggested that I consider a Labradoodle as they are the best of both breeds? Well, I had never heard of a Labradoodle but I wasn't running in the dog circles. Thus, my research began.

However, 13 years ago the search for a Labradoodle wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I found that Labradoodles have been around since the 1970's in Australia. Click on "History of Labradoodles" for more information. I also found that there are different types of Labradoodles (Australian and American) and different generations of Labradoodles (1st Generation, 2nd Generation, and Multi-Generation). Click on "Types of Labradoodles" for more information.

I assumed that we’d be able to find a Multi-Generation Labradoodle right there in Spokane where I lived at the time. There were some breeders in Washington State but they were on the West side.  When I finally chose what I believed would be the perfect Labradoodle, I went across state lines.  When the dust settled, I was the proud owner of a 10 week old Female Labradoodle Puppy. This little female Labradoodle, Doodle Downs Abigail (Abby), became a very important part of my life and brought us much joy. She truly has that extraordinary combination of traits that is so endearing.  She retired after having three litters of beautiful puppies. Her daughter, Zoe, a beautiful Apricot color, also blessed us with a litter of puppies.

The Labrador Retriever is a pure-bred dog and has become the number-one breed in popularity, both as a pet and as a hunting companion. The Poodle is also one of the most popular breeds because of its intelligence and it does not shed or aggravate people’s allergies. The Labradoodle, by definition, is a crossbreed: but what a wonderful combination of two of the most incredible dogs on the planet--the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle.  That's how it all began in Australia with four goals in mind....a loving family companion, incredibly smart as they were to be trained as service/therapy dogs, non-allergenic as some of the people needing a service dog had allergies and non-shedding.  The American Labradoodle is the breeding of only a Lab and a Poodle and often is just a lst or maybe 2nd generation.  Focused on their 4 primary goals, over the years as the Australians were perfecting the combination, different breeds like the Curly Coated Retriever, the Irish Water Spaniel and the English and American Cocker were infused in the lineage and thus the Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodle.  The result being an extraordinary animal with a loving, gentle temperament and all the other exceptional traits that people nationwide and worldwide are now enjoying and seeking.

The Beginning of Blue Star Labradoodles

My sweet Abby was the beginning and over the years I have carefully Health Tested and Temperament Evaluated over 60 puppies and selected only the Best of the Best Health and Temperament (Breeding Quality) for my Breeding Program.  I am delighted to offer the opportunity for people in the State of Washington, and throughout the United States, to own an extraordinary Multi Generation Australian Labradoodle puppy. Click on "Puppies Available" for current and future litter information, availability, and photos.

My breeding program focuses on providing puppies with excellent Health and Temperament.

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