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The Australian Labradoodle is bred for exceptional health, gentle temperament, intelligence,
non-shedding and non-allergenic soft coats and their loving, loyal and joyful nature.
Offering Exceptional Multi-Generation
 Australian Labradoodle Puppies
Solid Colors and Parti (2 Colors)

Lilly honeymooned with Daisy Hill's Trailblazer, a gorgeous Red Boy, on August 25th.

Puppies Arrived October 23rd

This photo will give you an idea of what we expect the puppies from Hill's West Lilly of Blue Star
and Daisy Hill's Trailblazer will look like.  
Lilly is a Beautiful Light Apricot with a very Soft
Wavy Fleece Coat and Dark Brown Eyes.  Every one that meets sweet Lilly falls in
love with her!!  
Her gentle temperament will melt your heart!  
Trailblazer has a gorgeous RED wavy fleece coat and he is equally as awesome!

Click on "Our Puppies" above and then click on "Puppies Available"
to see more information on both Lilly and Trailblazer.

I am pleased to share that, based on top scores on health testing results on our Sires and Dams, that our Breeding
Program has not only earned the SILVER PAW but also the higher level GOLDEN PAW Certification from ALAA. 
Click on the ALAA Logo for more information about the Australian Labradoodle Association of America.

We are dedicated to bringing JOY to families one puppy at a time

See Photos under "Our Labradoodles", click on "Sires and Dams" and scroll down to Parti-On Kalea


1.  Hill's West Lilly of Blue Star and 

Puppies Have Arrived

We're so excited that Lilly's and
Trailblazer (Rorey)
puppies have arrived! They are healthy, strong and Gorgeous! Lilly is a incredibly gorgeous, sweet girl and Trailblazer is a stunning boy that is absolutely amazing!  His call name is Rorey.
He has a perfect Dark Red, soft, wavy fleece coat and is he is just as gentle as can be.  
He is extremely 
loving and very loyal.  He loves all creatures, is fantastic with children and passes 
this trait on to his puppies.  
He has Red, Apricot, Gold and Caramel colors in his pedigree.  
Both he, and Lilly have wonderful loving temperaments. 
These puppies will be Medium size puppies weighing
35-40 pounds as adults.
Apricot, Red, Cream, Caramel

See additional info on Lilly and Trailblazer under 

"Our Puppies/Puppies Available"

2.  Blue Star's Ellie and IvyLane Michelangelo (Milo) Honeymooned on 9/09.

Puppies expected around November 9th

We are hoping for puppies that are Parti (2 Colors) and expect Solid colors too.
We could have Chocolate/White, Apricot/White, maybe Black/White Parti Puppies 
and probably Solid Chocolate, Caramel, Cream or Black Puppies. 

Ellie is a Large Miniature Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle at 28 lbs.  She's Parti factored 
with an incredibly soft Black wavy fleece coat with White Marks on her chest and chin.  
She has the most gentle temperament, the sweetest personality and loves to cuddle.  
She's also very smart, strong and agile.  She has her Canine Good Citizen Certification, 
has top scores on Hips/Elbows from the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals), 
eyes are CERF Certified by an Opthomologist Vet verifying no glaucoma or cataracts, 
complete blood profile indicating good liver, kidney, thyroid function and no diabetes. 

Milo is also a Miniature Multi-generational Australian Labradoodle weighing in at 25 lbs. and 16" tall.  
He is an Iced Caramel color and carries for Parti (2 colors).  He has the softest wavy 
fleece non-shedding and non-allergenic coat.  This boy not only looks amazing 
but he also has that wonderful temperament with gentle, sweet qualities that 
Australian Labradoodles are known for.  Milo also has top health scores.
We are very excited about this paring as both Ellie and Milo have wonderful attributes 
and we look forward to seeing these attributes in their offspring.  
Thank you Maggie at Bedrock Labradoodles for allowing 
us to use this incredible stud with our Ellie.

See additional info on Ellie and Milo under 

"Our Puppies/Puppies Available" and scroll down.

3.  Blue Star's Callie and a Parti Boy (Not Yet Determined)

Color Possibilities:  Chocolate & White, Apricot & White and/or Black & White Parti
Puppies along with Solid Chocolate and/or Black Puppies are Expected in Feb., 2015.

 Callie is a Stunning White Parti girl with Chocolate head, ears and chocolate marks throughout her very soft wavy fleece coat.  She is a large Miniature at about 26 pounds.  She is very smart, an incredible traveler and loves to hike with her Guardian Home Mom and Dad.  She is a real cuddlier and just loves to be loved.  She has top health scores!

Click on "Our Labradoodles" above and then click on "Sires and Dams"
to see photos of Lilly, Ellie and Callie.  
Click on photo to enlarge it.

Unless being purchased as a breeder our 

Puppies sell for $2,500 as pets. 

Ask me about Guardian Home possibilities for puppies that 
may be considered for my future breeding program.

NOTE:  My E-Mail Address is
Phone: 1-888-246-4870
Pasco/Spokane, WA  509-979-0949

Australian Labradoodle Puppies
fill your 
life with so much Love and Joy! 

Click on "Our Puppies" and then "Puppies Available" for individual photos of puppies.  


All our puppies are Australian Multi-Generation Labradoodles and come from exceptional Australian Pedigrees.  We are dedicated to rearing pups that have excellent temperaments and are physically sound.  We choose our parings very carefully with the goal of maintaining the integrity of this incredible breed and improving it.  The puppies are raised in our home in the Puppy Nursery, have our complete focus, and are loved and cared for from the moment they are born.  They receive lots of attention and begin their training early.  By the time they are 6-7 weeks old these precious little ones are already sitting on command.  They recognize many words and short phrases i.e. Hungry?, Go Outside, Go Potty, Thirsty?, Drink of Water, Kennel Up, etc.  These puppies have such a sweet nature, are joyful, smart, precious little souls that are wonderful companions and just want to LOVE and please their new family.  

Before going to their new families, our puppies are well on their way to being potty trained, crate trained, have had their first set of puppy vaccinations, Healthy Vet Check to confirm they are healthy and parasite free.  Each puppy is spay or neutered and they will already be micro-chipped for their safety and your peace of mind.  Your puppy will be lovingly and gently handled from birth, socialized with other dogs, people and children until they join you as a new member of your family. 

In addition to having gentle, loving temperaments, incredibly soft wavy, or curly, fleece coats, they are non-shedding and allergy friendly.  Our goal is to provide exceptional puppies to give unlimited love and joy to their new family. 

Australian Labradoodles, both males and females alike, have the sweetest, most gentle loving temperaments, are incredibly smart, have joyful personalities, and the softest fleece coats.  

TESTIMONIAL:  Letter from a family regarding their new puppy from the Rosie/Waldo Litter of 4/16/12

"We are so pleased with Carol Stover at Bluestar Labradoodles and our newest family member, Good Golly Miss Molly.   From the beginning of this process of choosing a Labradoodle to picking up Molly and even still today, our interactions are professional, yet warm and personal and always so helpful.   We had the pleasure of meeting Waldo and Rosie’s litter of eight when the puppies were 6 weeks old.  It was amazing to watch the love Carol showed these puppies, and how well they were cared for by both Carol and Rosie!   To see how much she was working with them at even this young age was remarkable.   We brought Molly home at 9 weeks and have been amazed to this day (at 14 weeks) how well this transition has gone.   Molly has slept through the night since our very first night together.  She has no hesitations going in to her crate at night or if we need to leave her briefly for errands.  She already had a head start on potty training so was able to pick that up at our home very quickly.  She can sit and stay on command.   She waits for her food before being released.  She loves playing fetch, going for walks and is doing great already with “roll-over” and “jump” commands.   All of this at 13 weeks!  She is incredibly smart, has a sweet calm nature, amazingly soft coat, she is wonderful with our children, we absolutely adore her!!   We can’t thank Carol enough and would encourage anyone looking for a wonderful breed from a wonderful breeder to choose Blue Star Labradoodles!!"  Mary Beth  Thanks Mary Beth for this wonderful testimonial!


See "Contact Us" and click on "Puppy Reservation Form On Line" or for more information click on "Purchasing Information".   Feel free to call or e-mail anytime as I love to share about these amazing dogs and am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Carol A. Stover at Blue Star Labradoodles

Toll Free Phone:  1-888-246-4870  Spokane/Pasco: 509-979-0949

E-Mail:  bluestarlabradoodles@gmail.com


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